Bring your dream to life!

Step 1 - The Rallying Point

It all begins at the John Jay Center on August 4th at 1:15.  Governor Mitch Daniels is making a special appearance to meet with you and dozens of your creative, entrepreneurial peers.  He is going to explain why entrepreneurship has never been more important to the future of rural economies and why economic growth is not optional, but imperative.  You may also be pleasantly surprised to see all the ground-breaking startup activity native to Jay County including web-based geospatial software, rock-and-roll driven education and robotics manufacturing!  RSVP now.

Step 2 - Business Planning Seminars

The fun doesn't end with speeches and ice cream.  Don't you think it's time to get serious about converting your dream into reality?  So do we.  That's why we have arranged five evening seminars designed to educate, motivate and equip you to begin charting a new course.  You will learn how to articulate a unique value proposition, analyze market opportunities, document your assumptions and acquire the resources needed to convert your dream into reality.  RSVP now.  Download the Seminar Flyer here.   

Step 3 - Pitch Competition

The capstone Pitch Competition will give you the opportunity to show off your stuff in front of real investors, which could lead to a funding event for your new startup!  These guys are serious about asking the tough questions, but don't worry, you will learn a LOT in the process and may even walk away with some serious cash.  High school and college students are warmly welcome.  RSVP now.